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  • The concept

    The balance between the cultural experience of a Fado evening and gastronomic culture that fits best with it, is a daily task at O Faia. Aromas and flavors reveal themselves in a creative and contemporary cuisine, where the tradition and the respect for the Portuguese cuisine is not forgotten.

    The talent and dedication of Chef André Pola and his team, create dishes from bases, marinades, seasonings and spices always present in the Portuguese Cuisine, that are combined with the excellence and freshness of the season products. In the wine cellar, where all the producing regions of the country are represented, and that includes the most important domestic producers and the varieties most representative of each region, you will find the perfect complement to match your meal..

  • On the Table...

    -Couvert: Bread, truffle flavored butter and marinated olives.

  • Starters

    - Sautéed shrimps with olive oil, garlic, lemon, fresh chili and parsley.

    - “Piquillo” peppers stuffed with cod, saffron sauce and balsamic cream.

    - Mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese and thyme, cornbread crumble and carrot chutney.

    - Sautéed poultry liver with Madeira wine and pear.

    - Mackerel marinated in olive oil, garlic and onion, served with tomato, potato and roasted peppers salad.

    - Smoked cod salad, mixed lettuce, roasted tomato, chickpea mousse and coriander croutons.

    - Fish soup with pennyroyal.

  • Main Dishes

    - Sea bass filet on a seafood stew with shrimps, mussels, sweet potato, onions, peppers and fresh tomato.

    - Dried salted cod fish ‘Faia’ style (oven roasted with mayonnaise, shrimps, mashed potato and onion sauce).

    - Flaked dried salted cod confit, crushed potatoes, cabbage, low temperature cooked egg and cornbread crumble.

    - Oven cooked octopus, olive oil and garlic, roasted potatoes sautéed with onion and sautéed spinach.

    - Beef tenderloin steak “Marrare” style (with fresh cream sauce and French fries).

    - Classic steak served in Lisbon Cafés, invented by Antonio Marrare, a Neapolitan who settled in the city in the eighteenth century.

    - Roasted leg of baby lamb, roasted potatoes, sautéed spinach and the roast gravy.

    - Pork cheeks stewed in red wine and rosemary, with truffled potato purée.

    - Chickpeas and vegetables green curry with toasted almonds rice.

  • Desserts...

    - Orange roll, cocoa crumble and orange sorbet - “Farófias” – meringue boiled in milk with vanilla custard, caramelized walnuts and lime zest - “Toucinho do Céu” – Traditional egg, almond and squash desert, served with fresh cream, toasted almond and red fruits - Roasted banana, Cointreau and orange reduction, cinnamon, walnuts, crushed butter cookies and vanilla ice cream - Chocolate cake with morello cherry liqueur, chocolate meringue and morello cherry sorbet … OR CHEESE: Portuguese cheese platter.

  • Conditions

    - 55 € p/ person.
    - Includes the couvert, the choice of one starter, one main dish and one dessert.